Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow Mold?

Spots of Snow Mold in lawn. Pen demonstrates the size 
I have bof some pink Snow Mold.
I have given a lot of thought recently to the Snow Mold growing in my yard. Today it reminded me of other things...

Many people have never heard of Snow Mold. What is Snow Mold? It is a fungus that grows on lawns when winter temperatures are not severe. It can grow underneath snow when the temps are reasonably mild, yet cold enough for the snow to stay there. The treatment is to do a light raking of the grass to break it up as it dries out and put a fungicide on it. The earlier it is treated the less it affects the health of the lawn. We need the fresh air of spring, and summer to restore the health of our lawns. So how is this relevant to a blog about Christianity? Let me explain.

We could say that the times in our lives when we give in to sin is like winter. The longer we stay in it, the colder and darker it seems. Sin compounds in our lives the way that snow piles up. If we do not shovel the snow off our sidewalks and driveways, we could slip, fall, even hurt ourselves. Others can be hurt as well. Sin is like Snow Mold. It grows in our lives when we keep things covered up. Jesus is the cure. He purchased our forgiveness with the shedding of His blood. We need the fresh air brought by the Holy Spirit to bring life and strengthen us in our desire to cease sinning. It is only through the strength of God that we can truly be made holy and good.

The Scriptures tell us that every inclination of the heart of man is evil. Genesis 6:5 God gave us the Law (the Ten Commandments & many other laws (600+)) to show us that we can never be good. We need supernatural assistance.  Just like our lawns with Snow Mold, we need help. We need Jesus. Fortunately for us, God promised us that although the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is forgiveness for those who trust in Jesus. Forgiveness means that we are brought back into the right relationship with God that He created us to enjoy in the first place.  Since we are restored to Him, we no longer need fear death. Our destination is changed. We are not destined to go to Hell, we are destined to go to Heaven.

Just as our lawns can be restored to health if cared for in time, we can be restored to God if we ask Him to forgive us.