Sunday, July 05, 2009

Patriotism and Christianity

I am as patriotic as anyone, probably more than most. I love this country, and am proud to be an American. I served in the US Army for 24 years. I have heard it said that I could not be a Christian and serve in the Army, or be so patriotic. Some people think that Christians cannot be patriotic to America or any other country, or that those who are patriotic, cannot be Christians. These statements are not true. However, as a Christian, our first loyalty IS to GOD. Therefore, when there is a conflict between what a Christian believes or is required to do, and what is demanded of them, or is "Legal" to do as a member of a particular nation, the Christian should do what is required of them, as a Christian, not the conflicting thing. So what would be an example of this? In World War II, there were many Christians in Germany. It was required of German citizens to report Jews, and let the police know where they lived. Some Christians did give into this pressure. Other Christians did the right thing, and hid the Jews they knew, and even helped them escape the Nazis. Those who did this, when caught, were shot, or sent to concentration camps. Today, we have similar, albeit different, and less lethal conflicts.

There are those who say that Christians may not speak out on issues that they believe strongly about, or they will be fined for hate speech. In Canada, a preacher was fined because he said that the practice (not attraction, or temptation, but the practice) of homosexuality was sinful, and wrong. The Bible clearly states that the practice of homosexuality is an abomination to God. Therefore, a Christian can and should speak out about it. Just because the law says it is "legal" does not make it right, or acceptable.

But lets get back to the issue. Yesterday, we celebrated Independence Day. The day 233 years ago that citizens of a fledgling nation declared independence from England. This sparked a war that lasted 7 years. Many of the patriots that fought the British were Christians, fighting for their right to believe and practice their faith their way. They were tired of tyranny, unfair taxation, and opression because of what they believed. Today, we have soldiers providing support all over the world to people of other nations that are attempting to do similar things, and fighting terrorists, to help keep our borders more safe. So thank a soldier, airman, marine, or Navy or Coast Guard Seaman when you see them, and pray for their safety.

Bottom line, be patriotic, support our nation. It is still the best in the world, even with its problems. Stand tall, salute the flag, remember our history, and our foundational principles -- all based on Biblical principles by the way !!!