Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Divinity of Christ

Many people have undertaken to prove, or disprove the Divinity of Christ Jesus. I do not happen to believe there is any room for, nor justification for any doubt that Jesus is God Almighty in human flesh. Some of the reasons for this is the Old Testament clearly declares that God Himself would be the Savior of the world(meaning all men). The New Testament provides ample proof (to those who have ears to hear) that Jesus (the Christ)is indeed the Savior of the world. One parallel passage in particular is the correlation between Isaiah Chapter 6, which describes how the prophet Isaiah saw the LORD GOD; and the Gospel of John chapter 12: verses 36 - 41 which clearly identifies Christ Jesus as the one seen by, and described by the same prophet Isaiah. Another passage, 1st Epistle of Peter, talks about the Spirit of Christ speaking thru the many prophets of old about the sufferings of Christ. If it is the Spirit of Christ, and the Old Testament says it is the Spirit of God, we again MUST agree that these are ONE AND THE SAME !